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Introduction to Our Safety Management System
Full Tilt Transport Pty Ltd has recently and successfully upgraded its Safety Management System to ensure strict compliance to the QLD Occupational Health & Safety Legislation. Full Tilt Transport has a commitment to ensuring all employees, contractors, customers and visitors work in a safe environment.
Occupational Health & Safety Policies
The Management of Full Tilt Transport is committed to ensuring that as far as reasonably possible, all employees and contractors are safe from injuries and risk to health whilst they are at work and accept that health and safety is one of the primary responsibilities of Management at all levels.
Management will be responsible for ensuring that all reasonable and practicable action will be taken to achieve and maintain a performance level which safe guards the health and safety of all employees and contractors. All members of the Full Tilt Transport workforce, including contractors and visitors, will conduct themselves in such a manner that the safety of everyone with whom they work is enhanced by their presence.
All employees and contractors are to be involved in safety matters and hence contribute to the reduction of hazards whilst working at sites by:
¨      Identifying and reducing or removing the risk of all types of work related events that may produce injury or illness.
¨      Comply with Occupational Health & Safety Policies and report any accidents, incidents or injuries.
¨      Identifying, assessing and controlling to safe levels, those chemicals, physical agents and equipment in the workplace capable of causing injury or work related disease.
Full Tilt Transport is currently working within the guidelines of a number of Safety Policies which are listed below:
¨      Occupational Health & Safety Policy
¨      Risk Management Policy
¨      Drug and Alcohol Policy
¨      Safe Driving Policy
All employees and contractors of Full Tilt Transport are required to adhere to these policies at all times whilst working for and represent the company.
Risk Management
In accordance with the Queensland Health & Safety Legislation, Full Tilt Transport undertake a number of Risk Management activities to ensure the safety of all employees, contractors, clients and visitors at every worksite. The following areas are assessed in the risk management process.
  1. Employees & Contractors
 It is imperative that all employees and contractors have appropriate qualification to be able to carry out work safely and competently. Full Tilt Transport ensures that all employees and contractors have suitable and current qualifications.
  1. Equipment
 Full Tilt Transport ensures that all equipment used has been appropriately  assessed and has been maintained as per the relevant maintenance schedules.
  1. Risk Assessments
  All sites are assessed by Full Tilt Transport management or staff. The risk  assessment is used to identify any current or potential hazards and ensure that  these issues are rectified or controlled to ensure a safe work environment.
Regardless of the location and the tasks performed, Full Tilt Transports Safety Management System will ensure that all risks are being managed. This may include: work site inductions, risk assessments, site inspections and new work procedures.
Staff Training
Full Tilt Transport prides itself in providing quality and safe services to their customers. In order to ensure that this can take place all staff undertake an induction with Full Tilt Transport prior to the commencement of work at any worksite.
Training in relation to each specific work site or activities that are required will also be conducted for all staff and contractors.
Full Tilt Transport also has a strong focus on ensuring that all drivers are adhering to Fatigue Management requirements and as such all drivers undertake training in relation to the management of fatigue, safe driving timers as well as the use of Fatigue Management Plans which are issued to all drivers.